What kind of luggage do you recommend?

Soft bags or carry on size rolling bags we find to be the easiest to stow and handle in your guest cabins. If you intend to check or need more luggage space, we prefer a rolling duffle-style bag so that it can be flattened for easier stowage. Regardless of what you bring, we'll make it work so please do not concern yourself too much with it.

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"We've been to Alaska many times, once on a large cruise. Viaggio redefined Alaska for us"

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    VIAGGIO Boasts a 4-Star US Coast Guard Safety Rating!

    Fun is our goal and it's hard to enjoy your experience if you're worried about safety. We have the USCG inspect VIAGGIO annually in order to ensure everyone's safety.

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    Viaggio Charters is based in Seattle, WA and operates in the San Juan Islands and Alaska year around. The company is owned and operated by Captain Trig Papenfuse.