SE Alaska Cruising Mid-May through September

Throughout the summer season, we offer vacation cruising for guests in order to show them the amazing sights that SE Alaska contains within the Inside Passage.

These trips are as customized as we can make them in order to meet your wishes and add maximum value to the time you spend aboard VIAGGIO.


Kayaking in Wilderness

We offer 4 kayaks for up to 6 kayakers to explore the wilderness areas with the additional solitude and quiet of paddling


Wildlife Viewing

Every day we're on the lookout for some amazing animals. Humpback whales, Sea birds, Orcas, Seals, Sea lions, Brown bears and Black bears just start the list of wildlife we have the opportunity to see.

Enjoy a Glass of Wine

The goal of most vacations is to relax and enjoy. Viaggio Charters takes that goal VERY seriously and we offer spectacular 360-degree views to help with the enjoyment of a glass of wine or great company.


Glacier Viewing

Weekly, we make every effort to see a glacier with guests. Glaciers offer a great perspective on the world. When you see their massive form protruding from the water cradled by the very mountains they've been carving away for thousands of years, one can gain a new appreciation for life.


Stikine Jet Boat Tour

Tearing up the shallow waters of the Stikine River while enjoying the panoramic views of its glacially carved valley is an amazing way to spend a day!