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Dining with a Private Chef Aboard Your Yacht Charter- What to Expect

What to expect when dining with a private chef. #privatechef #yachtcharter #alaska #alaskavacation
What to expect when dining with a private chef. #privatechef #yachtcharter #alaska #alaskavacation
What to expect when dining with a private chef. #privatechef #yachtcharter #alaska #alaskavacation

"What's for dinner?" Is that a dreaded question in your house? You feel uninspired and tired. The last thing you want to do is cook and have your family not want to eat what you cook.

What if you could let someone else do the work? You could sit back, relax, and simply arrive at the dinner table when it's time to eat.

Most of us don't have the luxury of having a private chef on call 24/7, but you can have one for a week. Spend a week with us on an Alaskan yacht cruise and enjoy the luxury of having someone else do the work of preparing your meals.


How it Works

When you charter a yacht in Alaska you should expect to have the highest quality of service. This means having a knowledgeable captain, attentive first mate and expert chef.

A quality chef will want to ensure that your dining experience is just as unforgettable as the rest of the experience. They will customize your dining experience to suit your family's tastes while also offering suggestions for new things to try.

Before arriving for your week of cruising in Alaska, you will be asked to fill out a preference sheet. Filling out this sheet is very important as it lets the chef know what to prepare and what to avoid. This sheet becomes even more important if someone in your party has allergies or specific dietary needs.

Don't be shy about letting the crew know what you want or don't want! Your charter crew is there to ensure that you have a fabulous time, they can't do that if you don't tell them your preferences. Expect your chef to include some local tastes. This lets you get a feel for the local delicacies.


A Win for Everyone

Your chef is there to cook for you and your guests. This is a big change of pace from cooking in a restaurant where you don't have personal interaction with your guests and the goal is to cook as many dishes as possible in an evening.

With cooking in a galley aboard your yacht charter, our chef gets to be creative, personalize dishes, and take care of you. You'll also find that many yacht charter chefs have diverse backgrounds. This enable them to create some amazing dishes.

You get to try new things while still having dishes that cater to you and your guests tastes.


Example Dining Options in a Day


What kind of breakfast person are you? Do you simply want a quality cup of coffee? Or how about something light? Or are you looking for a full breakfast?

  • Fruit platter with yogurt
  • Cereals, breads, and pastries
  • Eggs and bacon made to order


Lunch will vary depending on what your planned activities are for the day.

  • Meat or veggie wraps to take with you on an adventure
  • Salad Niçoise served on the aft deck of the yacht
  • Kid-friendly pasta dish


Dinner is where your chef will really shine. You can expect dishes that feature local specialties.

  • appetizers
  • salad
  • steak and seafood
  • dessert and/or cheese plate

Needs We Can Accommodate

We have experience in accommodating a wide range of dietary needs. This includes things like allergies and gluten free health requirements.

Don't be afraid to make any special requests. If you prefer one kind of cheese over another then let us know! If mushrooms gross you out, we want to know.

Let us know if everyone, or just one person has special requests. We can accommodate your entire party or just one guest if you prefer.


What Are You Hungry for on Your Yacht Charter in Alaska?

So the real question is, what are you hungry for? Have the image of past dishes enticed you? We are ready to help make your yacht charter in Alaska an unforgettable one.