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Alaska Yacht Charters vs Alaska Cruising

When planning your dream vacation to Alaska you may get tempted by the cheap cruise ship deals. If you are a die hard cruising fan, then this is a great option. However, there is another option that you should consider if you are unsure of the cruising lifestyle.

Yacht Charters in Alaska offer fully customized and all inclusive vacation experiences. Enjoy the freedom to choose how you enjoy your vacation.

Before you book your Alaskan vacation, consider chartering your own yacht and having a truly unique experience.

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Do You Like Privacy?

When deciding to go on a cruise, you are agreeing to vacation with a couple hundred to thousands of your closest strangers. During peak season these huge ships are bursting at the seams with both vacationers and crew.

Ready for dinner? Better go wait in the buffet line or go to dinner at your scheduled time. Want to hang out by the pool? Great! Ensure you get there early to claim your spot.

Yachting lets you spend private time with those that you are closest with. A discrete crew is available, but not present. This gives you quality time where you can focus on those you care about most.

If you decide you want to sit on deck, or in the lounge, or anywhere. All spaces on a yacht are available and ready for your use. No more fighting for chairs or planning your day around staking out your spot.


Freedom and Control

Your cruise company will tell you when and where you will be going. Don't like it? Too bad, there is no changing the schedule. In fact, the ship will leave without you if you aren't back aboard in time.

  • The docking schedule is fixed
  • Meals are at certain times
  • Activities are at certain times
  • Excursions are at specific times

When you charter a yacht in Alaska, your vacation is to do with what you want. Feel like sleeping in one morning? No problem. The crew will serve you breakfast when you're ready.

Maybe you're having fun kayaking and want to keep going for another 30 minutes. On a yacht charter you can. There are no other vacationers tapping their toe waiting their turn. There is no corporate schedule you have to adhere to.

A simple conversation with our captain and you've got a new activities schedule. While you relax and enjoy our crew works to make your vacation awesome.


Your Dining Options

Because there are so many people aboard a cruise ship that need feeding, the meals tend to be of the mass produced variety. This doesn't cater to individual tastes or dietary needs.

Chartered yachts don't have this problem. You will receive a dietary preferences sheet before your vacation. It is vital to fill this out! Your crew wants to prepare meals that you will love. Filling out this form helps them do that.

Your specific allergies, restrictions, and any other requirements will be taken into consideration when preparing your menu. If you are celebrating a special occasion let your crew know! They can prepare something special to help you celebrate.

The Crew

The crew on a cruise ship becomes a well oiled machine. They each have their task and that is what they focus on. It can get confusing as to who you should speak to for the things you need.

With a yacht charter you have a dedicated and highly trained crew focused on your every need. You have personalized, consistent service. This results in less confusion, faster delivery and your expectations exeeded.


Staying Safe

There is a certain element of risk you take when boarding a cruise ship. Sure everyone is there on vacation, but you are still in an enclosed space with complete strangers.

On yacht you can truly relax since you know everyone you are on the yacht with. There is no risk of someone being there for ill intent. There is no risk of transmitting some weird disease. You know where your group goes they leave the ship, so you'll know what they are bringing back on board with them.

By the Numbers

Many people shy away from chartering a yacht because they think they think it is out of their price range. However this is just not the case.

Your cruise includes the ship and the food, but not any of those special activities. Sure you booked the ship for cheap, but those excursions add up quick. Then you only have a limited amount of team for each one.

Everything is included in your yacht charter. Everything.

  • kayaking
  • fishing
  • whale sighting
  • glacier sighting
  • alcohol
  • trips ashore

Pros and Cons of Cruises


  • Meet and socialize with new people.
  • Wide variety of on-board entertainment and group activities
  • Wi-Fi, cable tv, pool, gym, movie theater, restaurants
  • Accommodate extremely large groups


  • No scheduling freedom
  • Crowded
  • Extra fees tacked on for activities and special requests
  • Guests vastly outnumber guests
  • Risk of germs and diseases
  • Dining options cater to the masses

Pros and Cons of Chartering a Yacht


  • You know all of the other guests
  • Stay within your comfort zone while exploring Alaska
  • no crowds
  • no waiting
  • You choose the schedule, course, and activities
  • Dining caters to your group's preferences and needs
  • The crew to guest ratio is more intimate making service immediate


  • Less expansive entertainment options while on board
  • limited internet access
  • no cable tv, gym, movie theater
  • limited space for groups, really best for accommodating groups 6 or less
  • Limited availability since a specific boat may get booked for the week you want if you don't move fast enough

Book Your Vacation

Ready to book your dream Alaskan vacation? Great! If you're still set on booking a cruise ship, we respect your choice, yacht chartering isn't for everyone. If you value your privacy and want a more customized experience then a yacht charter is meant for you.

Book your Alaska yacht charter today.